A perfect gift for any occasion!

On this blog we have often come across the fact how stars are truly timeless wonders. They are always with us and constantly looking down on us, so peaceful and comforting. These are one of the many-many reasons, why stars are a perfect gift idea for anyone anywhere and for any occasion. May it be a birthday or Valentine’s Day. A prize for someone at work. A thoughtful gesture for a funeral, as a memory of someone dear to you lost. The list is quite endless and stars never fail to touch the hearts of our loved ones. Through us you can purchase and name a star for you or for someone close to you. For that we offer 3 differen Star Gift Kits.

1) Our Standard Star Kit is the most basic one. You simply need to name and dedicate one star and assign a special date for it. We will choose a constellation and location for it.

2) Our Zodiac Star Kit will let you choose a constellation, where you’d like the star to be located in yourself. Perhaps your loved one has a birthday and would like a star under that specific Zodiac sign. Or maybe you just have a favourite constellation. Whatever the reason may be, you get to choose the location yourself.

3) Our Twin Star Kit is for two special people to share. Two souls and one star to celebrate it. May it be for two lovers, siblings or something third, it will be a thoughtful and a unique way to mark a bond between two people!

The Star Gift comes in a presentable package, so you won’t have to go through extra hassle thinking of ways how to present it. The Kit includes a certificate, with all the necessary information on it regarding your star, a star map, which will help you locate your star, and a beautiful book of stars, which will share some amazing sights seen in the Universe accompanied by professional photographs. You don’t have to be a stargazing expert in order to have your own star. Everything has become surprisingly easy in the modern world and even Google Sky will help you locate your star in a very simple way.
With all the extra questions or special requests you might have, we are always happy to help you. Just write us on info@onlinestarregistry.com!


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