A star for your Valentine

That time of year when our little hearts go flitter flatter with love is coming once again.  Have you decided what you will give you the person you want to be your valentine?  Why not break the traditional mold of flowers, chocolates and jewelry and give him/her something that will show them they mean the world–no, the Universe–to you.

Buy a Star Kit from Online Star Registry today.  Your Valentine will receive an attractive package with all the information about how you bought them a star and named it after them.  Your Valentine will receive a Star Certificate that shows them the coordinates of the star and the name you have chosen for the star.  The star’s new name will be recorded and copyrighted with Online Star Registry so no one else will be able to choose the same name or star.  Your Valentine will also receive a Star Map to show exactly where they can find their star in the night sky.  Lastly, your Valentine will receive a Book of Stars from Online Star Registry.  This glossy photo gallery from the Hubble Telescope displays some of the most amazing pictures of star clusters and galaxies in and around our solar system as well as further out into space.  This is something your cherished one will appreciate for years to come.

So go to www.onlinestarregistry.com today and order a star for your Valentine.

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