Astronomy essentials – do not miss in August!

Every year, August is a very generous month when it comes to Perseid meteor showers and this year it is going to be even more spectacular, producing an even bigger outburst. It is expected to be double the usual amount, therefore twice as good!

Do not miss one of the brightest and most anticipated meteor showers bound to peak on the night of August 11-12. But keep your gaze up before and after that as well, as the meteor showers might go almost throughout the whole month. If all goes well and all the necessary criteria are met, you might even see around 200 meteors per hour!

Stargazing is a truly mesmerizing and romantic event – so make a night of it! Get away from the artificial city lights, find a dark spot in the countryside and get cosy! Perhaps take a trip with your friends and family? People in the Nothern Hemisphere will have the best chance of catching the show!

Make the glorious event even more special by claiming your very own star in the universe! Our Online Star Registry team would be happy to help you with any questions of queries you might have!

Have a magnificent experience!

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