Christmas craze is coming!

We can’t believe it either! Already and yet again! Store windows and displays are already very festive and cheery. Christmas calendars, socks, toys, candies, trees.. and it is quite true and justified – if you want to avoid the madness, then better think ahead!

What do we offer?

When you order our Star Git, you have the option to choose a a star in a specific constellation. The most popular choice is the Zodiac Star kit. Choose the zodiac sign of the person you are buying the star for to show you put extra thought into making their gift special. Or dedicate it to the Christmas season by choosing the Capricorn sign. And if you are not sure about the zodiac sign or want it to remain a surprise, then the most basic, Standard Kit, is for you.
There is also a Twin Star kit option when you want two people to share the gift together. They may be miles apart here on earth, but they will always be together in the universe by sharing a star.


Due to the approaching holiday season, we strongly recommend to opt for expedited shipping, when ordering our Star Gifts! At this time of the year the postal services are absolutely beyond swamped and overloaded, and our experience shows that some Star Gifts can take longer reaching its destination, may it be to the United States or to Japan – there is no pattern of logic there, really!

Therefore, around Christmas and New Year’s our estimated shipping times aren’t exactly bulletproof, for reasons that are very understandable. We have a partnership with UPS express shipping company, that has never failed us before!

We would hate to see sad faces around the joyful Christmas season, so please take that into consideration. We only care for our customers and the happy faces our unique Star Gifts bring! 

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