Christmas is knocking on your door – avoid last minute shopping!

“She stared at the stars like they were pillows for her mind and in their light she could rest her heavy head.

Christopher Poindexter

Here we are again – 19 sleeps left ’til Christmas!

How to beat your gift from last year? Or how to make up for a bad one? We have a one of a kind solution for you at Online Star Registry. We offer something that will last a lifetime, something that is very personal and unique for one particular person. Or for two people to share who have a special bond. By getting your loved one his or her very own star, it will surely overshadow any other gift imaginable. And the good news is you won’t even have to step into a crammed shopping centre. We will deliver a Star Gift Kit straight to your door, how great is that!

So, be smart this year and let us do the work for you, while you simply enjoy the season for once! It is the season of getting cosy. Enjoy the lights and candles, hot chocolate with marshmallows, snow, the smell of a Christmas tree and all the beauty around you. You deserve it!

NB! UPS express shipping is strongly recommended and will deliver your Star Gift within days! Standard mail can have serious delays during the holiday season!

Contact us directly and we will work out the best solution for you!

Happy holidays! 

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