How to choose gifts for Capricorn.

Capricorn is not the person to throw a surprise party for or to give a gag gift.  Capricorns are well-grounded individuals that are very serious and driven.  They appreciate practical gifts, so perhaps we can help you think out some ideas that will make your Capricorn’s special day more memorable and enjoyable.Let’s look at a few of the traits that are common with Capricorns before diving into the gift ideas.  That way, you will understand more about why certain gifts are appropriate and certain gifts are not.

Capricorn symbol

The goat symbolizes the well grounded zodiac sign of Capricorn.

As we said before, Capricorns are practical people (both men and women).  That means that the gifts you give them should be useful and long lasting.  Capricorns are not “gaudy” people and don’t “show off.”  They appreciate finer things and will always look for quality and value rather than brand names.  Capricorns are also social people, but are very protective of their self esteem.  If you do anything to embarrass a Capricorn, you can be sure that you have offended them deeply.  Therefore, be wary of gifting items that would be considered crude or ridiculous and avoid the spur of the moment surprise party that could cause your Capricorn to want to run away and hide.

For the Capricorn woman, you can expect them to appreciate items that are fashionable, but practical.  You won’t find them running around in flashy designer dresses, but you will find them in an expensive business suit or “down-to-earth” clothes of high quality.  So a Capricorn woman would really appreciate a fine cashmere sweater or a simple string of pearls.  If they are career minded–as many Capricorns are–you can feel confident in providing them with a quality leather-bound planner or a Mont Blanc pen, which they could use on a daily basis for organization and completion of tasks.

If you are buying a gift for a Capricorn male, then get to know their activities outside of the office.  Are they a cook?  Are they a cigar connoisseur?  Are they into fixing up old cars?  Their hobbies will be practical yet satisfying to them.  If you buy them the right tools or equipment to enhance their hobby you will have hit the right spot.

Good sports equipment or memberships to sports clubs are also good gifts for both male and female Capricorns.  They are very serious and driven people, as we have mentioned, so they need to unwind–perhaps more so than other signs.  A good tennis racket or some new golf clubs would be just the incentive for them to go out and use them.  Combine those with a trip to a sports resort getaway and you’ll earn the admiration and gratitude that Capricorns are so well noted for.

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