How to choose gifts for Pisces.

If you need to find a gift for a Pisces, you must keep in mind some of their attributes.  Pisces are typically intuitive, artistic, compassionate, imaginative and dramatic.  Pisces are also water creatures and the sign rules the feet.  That might be a lot to remember, but it at least gives you some solid direction for choosing their gift to make sure they will enjoy it.

Pisces symbol

The "fish" sign of Pisces.

One of the first ideas we’ll give you is to set an appointment for your Pisces at your local spa and treat them to a pedicure.  Better yet, you can pamper them yourself by getting the stuff together and doing a foot treatment for them yourself–if they are close to you that is.  This is good for man to woman gift or woman to man.  Your partner will really appreciate the attention.

Since the Pisces are such imaginative and dramatic individuals, you might consider getting them some theater tickets or sending them to a creativity workshop.  Perhaps you know they are quite creative?  Then consider getting them a set of paints and some canvas to work on and then drive them out to some scenic locale and spend the day with a nice picnic while they express themselves in the landscape painting.

As I said above, the Pisces are water creatures, so if you do something on the water they will feel right at home.  They might enjoy a cruise or perhaps just some simple sailing lessons.  You might even consider just getting them a membership to a sports club where they can enjoy the swimming pool.  If you are considering jewelry, then consider a set of pearl earrings or a pearl necklace.

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