How to choose gifts for Sagittarius.

One of the most positive (in outlook) and lucky signs, Sagittarius has strong characteristics which attract people to them.  Sagittariuses have seemingly unending optimism and are well known for their imaginations and creativity.  The Sagittarian is usually either well-traveled or has a very artistic nature–which allows them to travel in their imagination to untold worlds.  When it comes to buying a gift for a Sagittarian though, you may be scratching your head to figure out what suits them and what they would really like.

The Archer, symbol of Sagitarius

The Archer Centaur is the mythical symbol of the Zodiac sign of Sagittarius.

Hopefully, the following information and ideas will spur some ideas for you and you’ll be on your way to getting that perfect gift for your Sagittarius friend or companion.  First, let’s look at what activities the typical Sagittarius is interested in.  When you know what they like to do with their time, then it is easier to find items that help them enjoy those activities better or perhaps new activities that are related, but require different materials or tools.  Remember that Sagittarians love to travel and love change.  They are socially dynamic and “free thinkers” which allows them to pursue such intellectual challenges as phylosophy, law and religion.

Being so socially minded, you might consider throwing them a theme party for their special occasion.  This would help them to be in touch with their imaginative side as well as bringing all the people together who love to be around the Sagittarius.

Sagittarians are physically active and enjoy sports.  They have a strong competitive spirit and will to win.  They are also attracted to gambling, and with the luck associated with their sign, they often win–especially when it comes to horse racing (maybe it’s something to do with them being Centaurs?).  Anyway, if you know what activities your recipient is participating in, then you can perhaps find some sports items that they can use while playing (e.g. a new tennis racket, training outfit, golf clubs, etc.).  You might also consider setting up a trip for them to go somewhere different–as I said before, they love to travel.  If you can combine the trip with one of their favorite activities (e.g. a golf vacation), then you’ll probably hit the nail on the head as far as gift kudos are concerned.

If you want something more intimate for your Sagittarian, then consider getting them something in the line of jewelry that includes their original birthstone–the ruby.  Although modern astronomers have assigned the turquoise stone to the Archer, most still associate the ruby with this fire sign.

Sagittarius is also well known for their great sense of humor, so if you want to have a lighter time with your friend, consider the idea of a gag gift or a good joke book as a gift.  You can enjoy the laughs together for hours as the Sagittarius loves to hang out with people and be social, and nothing makes them feel happier than laughter.

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