I wanted to pass on a story that was recently related to me:

“My grandfather was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes a few years ago.  His health steadily deteriorated during that time even though he followed all of the prescribed steps from his doctors.  I guess his age was too great to have any reversal in the affects of the diabetes.  As his time seemed to be running out quickly, I spent more time with him, getting to know him even better than I thought I did before.  It’s amazing what you take for granted, and you never know the people around you until you actually sit down and start asking questions and discussing things.  One of the subjects we spoke about was “death.”  In the beginning of his illness, my grandfather was afraid of dying and said that he went through many troubled times because of that fear.  At some point though, he seemed to have gained peace with it, but was still worried about the affect of his pending death on the rest of the family.  At his 83rd birthday, I presented him with a gift from Online Star Registry.  I bought him a Star and named it in his name.  I explained the gift to him and said that he would never die in our hearts or minds because he has a star named after him now.  I said that whenever I would think of him, I would be able to find that place where his star was and feel like he was there with me–thanks to the star map that came with the Star Kit they sent me.  The entire family was in tears from the emotion my grandfather displayed at the thoughtfulness of the gift and we put the star certificate in a frame and it sits on our family room wall next to his photo.  My grandfather died a few months later, and I still do what I promised him I would do.  I go out on clear nights and I look at the place in the sky where his star is located.  And I talk to him.  It makes me feel happy that I know he is out there–even if only in my heart–and that I have something so special to have shared with him and the rest of my family.  Thank you Online Star Registry for giving me something so special.”

This story was just too special not to share.  We hope that you will share other special stories with us about how your Star Kits have been received.  To order a star or name a star for yourself or a loved one, just go to

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