Name a Star for Graduation

It can be hard to think of the perfect gift for graduation. Money is always appreciated, but it won’t make your gift stand out. Books on life and career advice are cliché, and the graduate will likely already have an abundance of such books.

You want your gift to be unique and meaningful, something that no one else will give the graduate. If you want your gift to stand out and have symbolic meaning, why not name a star after the newly graduated person? There are several meanings that will be apparent to the graduate: you think they’re a star, you’re encouraging them to reach for the stars, the sky’s the limit; all of these are positive messages that will be inspiring to a young person just starting out.

One thing to keep in mind when you contact a company about naming a star for a graduate is the fact that the gesture is really a symbolic one. When you name a star, astronomers are not going to refer to that star by the name you have given it through a star naming company. Instead, they use the simple method of referring to stars using the coordinates of where the star is located in the sky.

When you choose to name a star, the company will give you to option to choose which constellation you would like the star to be from. You can choose from any of the 88 constellations, from Andromeda to Vulpecula. There is a constellation for each of the Zodiac signs, so if you have a graduate that is interested in astrology you can choose the constellation that coincides with their star sign.

Looking for the perfect gift? Name a star after that special graduate; they will cherish it for years to come.

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