Remember them on Memorial Day!

We hear a lot about the tradition of remembering those who have given their lives in defense of our American way of life on Memorial Day.  However, how many of us actually consider how we honor the memory of those heroes.  Here are a unique suggestion to honor their memory in a lasting and ceremonial fashion.

Online Star Registry offers the opportunity to register a star in the name of the person you wish to pay homage to.  This unique gift allows you to name a star for your friend or loved one.  These are actual stars in space.  The name you choose for the star will be registered and copyrighted by Online Star Registry in their star book.

You will receive a beautifully produced Star Kit package which will include these items:  A Star Certificate–indicating the original star number and the newly registered name of the star, as well as your name as the gift provider; A Star Map–showing the location of the star within its constellation; And a Book of Stars–comprising hand-picked photos taken from the Hubble Telescope platform, which show some of the  most amazing star clusters in our universe.

Go to Online Star Registry right now and order your Star Kit today if you would like to remember your friends and loved ones with a lasting and unique honorarium.

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