The biggest supermoon in 86 years coming up this November!

It’s time to move our gazes up, folks!

This November brings a memorable celestial event – a Supermoon!  Not just any old Moon, but the closest, brightest and largest full Moon for 86 years!

Visible to most of the planet, so don’t miss this epic lunar spectacle.

The term “Supermoon” is relatively new and describes a full Moon that is closer, brighter and apparently larger than normal.

A full Moon occurs each month when the Sun Earth and Moon line up.  The Moons orbit is slightly elliptical, meaning it’s orbit isn’t a perfect circle.  Occasionally when the Moon is full and its near its closest point to Earth (known as Perigee) it can appear up to 14% larger and 30% brighter than normal in the sky. “A Supermoon”.

The Moon in November 2016 will be the largest since 1948 and the next time its this close will be 2034!  There will be many more supermoons from now until then, but none of them as close.

November’s full Moon occurs on November 14th.

Why not make a beautiful event of it with your family and loved ones?


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