The Right Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her

You’re all set to buy your significant other a Valentine’s Day gift. You buy it, wrap it up, and eagerly await the moment when she’ll unwrap the gift. You’re expecting a squeal of delight, but all you get is a crestfallen look and a halfhearted thank you. What did you do wrong? Here’s how to know if you’re buying her the wrong gift for Valentine’s Day.

• Purchasing gifts for you.

This is a trap a lot of people fall into: You have no idea what a person will want, so you assume that anything you would love, they would love. Believe it or not, women tend not to be thrilled when receiving power tools or a make-your-own beer set for Valentine’s Day. Instead of thinking about what you want, put yourself in her shoes and think about things you know she uses or likes. Reference her hobbies and favorite movies, music, and TV shows to get an idea about what kinds of things she likes.

• Buying the wrong size.

This is a mine field. If you don’t know her size, don’t buy her clothes. Otherwise, you can’t win unless you get her size perfect by chance. If it’s too small, she’ll argue that you wish she was that thin. If it’s too big, she’ll be insulted that you think she’s heavier than she is. It’s a no win situation that you should just avoid completely.

• The old standby: chocolate.

This is also a touchy subject. Sure, Valentine’s Day is a big chocolate holiday, but what if your wife or girlfriend happens to be on a diet? You’re going to be made to feel bad for tempting her with something she shouldn’t have. If you really want to get her chocolate, stick to something that is considered sumptuous, but has nutritional value. Think dark chocolate with a high cacao percentage, or chocolate covered fruits.

It’s not too hard to pick a gift that will be appreciated. Just avoid the common pitfalls, and remember that you’re not buying a gift for yourself. Put some real thought into it, and you’re sure to get a great reaction from your wife or girlfriend this Valentine’s Day.

Still haven’t found that perfect Valentine’s Day present? Name a star after someone for a gift idea that is sure to please that special somebody today!

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