Top 5 gifts for Leo

For those of you who have friends or family that are born under the sign of the lion (Leo), you know that these people are generally centered around…well, themselves.  Leo is a regal sign and the attitude of the people born under this sign tend to attract a lot of attention to themselves.  That’s not always a bad thing though because they have a natural leadership mentality and are able to bring out the best in others because of their charismatic behavior.

Leos are charismatic and energetic people, and when it is time to give something back to them (in the form of a gift) it is helpful to put some extra thought into it.  This is one way to show the person how much they are appreciated or loved.  Below we have put together a short list of top gift ideas that your Leo friend or loved one might enjoy.  The list is not meant to be exclusive and is not meant to be in any order of importance, but to just touch on some different ideas to get the ball rolling.

First, since Leos are so centered around social activities, it makes sense to look for gifts that would be useful in a social setting.  For some Leos, we would suggest something practical like a new set of crystal wine glasses.

Second, since Leos are very charismatic people you can get them a gift that expresses how much you think of them.  We recommend something “dramatic” like buying a star from online star registry.  This is a new novelty gift that is taking the US and Europe by storm.  You have the possibility to purchase the naming rights of a genuine star and have it published by the company with the name of your gift recipient.  Go to to register your star and your Leo friend will receive a Star Kit gift package in the mail.  Fast, easy and something your friend or loved one will have with them for a lifetime.

Our third recommendation for gifts for those born under the sign of Leo has to do with their careers or hobbies.  If you know what your Leo does for a living or what they do in their leisure time, then why not impress them with some helpful tools to get the job done faster or easier?  This might be some new athletic gear (since Leos are usually very athletic) for your Leo’s favorite pass-time or a relaxing spa get-away for someone that is on their feet working hard all day.

As we said before, Leos are social people.  So our fourth recommendation is to touch on that aspect.  Leos enjoy the very fine things in life and social interaction includes alcohol.  So get your Leo a few bottles of some fine wine or their favorite spirit.  If your Leo is not a drinker, then substitute drinks with a fun social game and make a habit of making a regular game night with them.

Lastly, the most obvious gift of all.  Since you are focusing on your friend’s zodiac sign, there is a strong possibility that they will be very much in tune with the sign and it’s various meanings and attributes.  Therefore, it makes perfect sense (and thus our recommendation) that you look into buying some Leo zodiac jewelry or accessories for your gift recipient.  You can find online shops selling those items as well as most traditional jewelry stores.

We hope our recommendations have been helpful for you.  If nothing else, to get some ideas bouncing around in your head so you can be more focused when you get ready to start purchasing gifts.

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