Top 5 gifts for Sagittarius

Sagittarius is symbolized by the Archer–half-man, half-horse (the Centaur). This symbolizes the Sagittarian’s attempt to free itself from man’s base (animal) nature. The centaur is thought to symbolize the development of the human soul. It symbolizes the animal natures and desires of man, as well as its spiritual aspirations. In Greek mythology, centaurs were adventurous, brave, and wise, but they were also given to brawling and uncivilized behavior.

Tame your Sagittarian with some thoughtful gifts.

1.  Give the gift of their own star.  Go to to find out more, or click here to order your star for Sagittarius today.

2.  Outdoor sports equipment will touch on the oudoorsy nature of the Sagittarius.  This can be a new set of golf clubs or a bit of camping gear to allow them to go out and explore.

3.  As this sign love to explore and find new things, a book on an interesting subject may be something that your friend will appreciate.  Do a little research (ask questions) about what interests they have and then spend a little time delving into online book stores.

4.  Since they love travel, adventure and tourism you might want to spring for a spontaneous trip abroad.  It doesn’t need to be a long trip–or far away for that matter–what will be important is the adventure of trying something new in a new place.

5.  Since people of this sign are a bit irresponsible, you may consider a gift that helps them keep things in order.  This might be a new wallet or a calendar/organizer for their appointments.

We hope these simple ideas will help guide you to a location where you will find the best possible gift for your Sagittarian loved one.

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