Top 5 gifts for Scorpio

If you are shopping for that perfect birthday gift for your Scorpio friend or loved one, you might want to read this article.  We offer you what we have found to be the top 5 most popular gift items for Scorpios.  That doesn’t mean that these are the “only” gifts you should consider, but in our opinion, they will be well received and enjoyed by the Scorpio who receives them.Scorpio attributes:  We all know that Scorpios have some unique attributes that we all have to look out for.  We sometimes forget about these though when we are looking for gifts.  The best practice for buying gifts is to consider not only the person–as we know them–but also what makes up the character behind the person (namely their zodiac sign).

Scorpios are secretive, so why not play to that characteristic and get them something that has a hidden use?  Better yet, get them the ultimate secret kit–the 007 James Bond film collection (available through  They can spend some quiet time reminiscing about the good-old-days of the spy world and all those fancy gadgets that “Q” made available for agent 007.

Scorpios are intuitive (almost to the point of being psychic).  Perhaps your Scorpio would then enjoy some mental challenges to sharpen those skills?  Consider buying him (her) a set of unique Tarot cards to put them closer in touch with the universe’s energy that helps guide Scorpios.

Scorpios are passionate and sensuous.  Therefore, you can consider a pampering gift something they will enjoy and remember.  It might be a weekend spa trip or just a certificate for a full-body massage, but whatever you do to pamper your Scorpio, it will be well received.  Any Club Med location would be great for them, but if you can’t afford such an exclusive holiday, then look around in your locality for private, cozy massage parlors and spas(not the sleazy kind).

Scorpios are tied into their zodiac sign.  They pay attention to their attributes and to other Scorpios–almost like a secret club of sorts.  Give them something to brag about by naming a star after them in the Scorpio Constellation.  You can register a star name for your Scorpio at several online star registry locations (we prefer  You will impress your Scorpio with a thoughtful gift that is personalized (named after them) and close to their true nature.  Click here to buy your Scorpio a Star Kit!

Lastly, Scorpios are mysterious and natural detectives.  They love to “sniff out” a mystery and solve a case.  So as our last recommendation for the top five gifts for Scorpios, we suggest a scavenger hunt that you put together for them to find their “real” gift.  Put together a map and clues for them to follow and make sure to keep it intriguing for them so they don’t lose interest in the process.  At the end, you can have your gift waiting for them somewhere hidden that they have to discover.  The adventure and process of unraveling the mystery is gift enough, but of course it’s great to receive a reward at the end of it all.

We hope the suggestions above are helpful for you to impress your Scorpio on their special occasion.  Of course we must remind you that these suggestions are just that–suggestions.  We make no claims that the above are the “best” gifts for everyone, but we believe that many will enjoy them as birthday gifts, graduation presents, anniversary gifts and for other occasions as well.

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