Top five gift ideas for Pisces

Have you been wracking your brain to come up with some ideas for a gift for your Pisces friend?  Read our suggestions for five of the most popular and well-received gifts that Pisces will appreciate.First though, let’s have a look at some of the attributes associated with the sign so you will understand better why our suggestions are applicable.  The gift suggestions are not in any particular order regarding popularity and these suggestions are simply that…suggestions.

  1. Pisces are imaginative
  2. Pisces are intuitive
  3. Pisces are dramatic
  4. Pisces are creative
  5. Pisces are compassionate

So our list of gifts will touch on each of these points and you can choose what type of gift you want to get your Pisces based on what part of their character you want to focus on.

1.  As imaginative creatures, you can believe that your Pisces loved one is “out there” sometimes.  That being the case, why not get them a gift that is just as far as their imagination can take them…space.  Online Star Registry ( provides you with the possibility of naming a star as a gift for your Pisces friend or loved one.  You receive an attractive star kit with a certificate of registration, a beautifully produced Book of Stars with photos from the Hubble Space Telescope, and a star location map.  You can even choose a star directly from the Pisces constellation.  This is truly an imaginative and unique gift.  Click here to order a star today!

2.  Being intuitive, you may have to use subterfuge to sneak a present past your Pisces so they don’t figure out what it is before you give it to them.  A great gift for people with high intuition is a book on a subject that will help them hone that intuitive nature.  Perhaps a book on dream interpretation or other metaphysical subjects?  As they learn more about controlling and growing their talent, they will appreciate your gift and thoughtfulness even more.

3.  As people that are drawn to drama–either creating it in their own lives or viewing it from afar–Pisces like to be entertained.  Consider getting your Pisces a set of theater or opera tickets.  If they are more “active” in their creativity, then consider organizing an acting workshop for them to work out their own dramatic flair.

4.  When a Pisces’ creative juices start flowing, watch out.  Amazing things can happen.  They are very artistically expressive, so if you can give them a present that unlocks that potential you will win big.  Set them up with a painting set (complete with easel, pallet, colors and brushes) and a few lessons for specific types of painting genres.  Who knows, maybe you will even get a free portrait out of it?

5.  Compassion abounds in the Pisces individual.  They truly care for people and want to do things to help.  How can you turn this around and make a gift for them to touch on that side of their personality though?  How about presenting them with a nicely framed photo of the two of you with a short sentimental poem included to remind them of what they mean to you.  Just remember that compassion shared is compassion earned.

Well, we hope the suggestions were well accepted and useful.  If not, our apologies for wasting your time.  But if they were, then you are very welcome and I hope your Pisces loved ones will enjoy their gifts.


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