Top Five Gifts for Libra.

It’s Autumn, everyone is back to school and all those memories of a fun summer begin to drift away as we get back to the daily grind.  If you have a friend or loved one though that is celebrating a birthday or other special occasion around this time (September to October), then you need to look at what gifts are best received by the Libras.  This article will give you a few (5) ideas that we believe are popular with this sign and have been well received in the past.  This is not meant to be a direct guide for purchasing gifts, but rather a little bit of advice put together from our collected research.First, let’s look at some of the attributes that make people born under the zodiac sign of Libra so unique from other signs.

  1. Flirtatious (yet loyal in relationships)
  2. Self Confident (bordering on vanity) and intellectual
  3. Diplomatic and Social
  4. Fair and Balanced (slow to judgment and impartial) and musical
  5. Indecisive (and easily swayed, bordering on gullible)

Now that we have a look at how the Libra works and feels, the next step is to try and match some gifts that will touch of each of the attributes we listed above.  If you have other attributes that you see in your own Libran, then you can swap those into the list and choose a gift with the same system.  However, for the sake of being helpful and expedient, we will focus on just these five attributes right now.

1.  If you are in a relationship with a Libra, keep in mind that Libras won’t care if a gift is expensive, but you should choose something well-designed or beautiful like a striking necklace with the Libra gemstone included (Opal for October and Sapphire for September). For the Libra, it is more about quality than quantity and also the thought behind the gift that counts most.

2.  As Libras are intellectual, they love to read.  Find a book on an interesting subject or touch on their sentimental side and find a first edition book they may have enjoyed as a child.  A special gift would be an electronic reader already uploaded with a couple of mysteries.

3.   As social creatures, the Libra loves doing things with other people.  If you find a group of people congregating around someone, there’s a good chance that person is a Libra.  As far as a personal gift goes, they’ll also love experiences that they can share with you or another friend like a wine tasting tour or a cruise.
4.  Libras consider everything and enjoy fine music and quality entertainment.  If you want to impress your Libra, you could appeal to their music-loving side with a pair of concert tickets or a hard-to-get recording or CD from their favorite singer or band.
5.  With the world to choose from, and being one of the most indecisive of the zodiac signs, why limit yourself to “this world” when choosing a gift for your Libra?  Go all out and name a star for your Libra.  When you go to Online Star Registry ( you can choose a star from the Libra constellation and present your friend or loved one with a certificate showing that a star is named for them.  They will also get a beautifully produced “Book of Stars” that presents high-quality photos from the Hubble Telescope as an additional, free gift.  They will be able to look up in the sky on any night for years to come and remember your very thoughtful gift.  Click here to buy a Star Kit today!
Remember that with a Libra, you’ll win extra points if you have a heartfelt reason behind your gift.
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