Wedding Gifts for Family & Friends: How much to Spend?

When you get invited to a wedding, your first thought is happiness for the soon to be husband and wife. When the big day gets closer, you start to wonder what to get them as a gift. How much money should you be spending on a wedding gift? Is there a way to spend too much or too little?

A Matter of Etiquette

With weddings, people tend to be particularly concerned about staying within the established rules of etiquette. However, there are generally no steadfast etiquette rules about spending on a wedding gift. It’s certainly advisable to use your budget as a guide and to consider how well you know the couple when choosing a gift, but there is no magic number to aim for.

There is a belief that the amount spent on a gift for the couple should be equal to the amount they are spending on the guest’s meal; however, this is not a valid rule. If everyone followed this guide, brides and grooms could easily be receiving gifts worth $100 – $300 from every couple attending their wedding!

How Much Others Are Spending

Even though there are no real rules in the cost of a gift, there are some averages that you can reference for a general idea about how much you might want to spend on a wedding gift. Spending depends on your relationship with the couple. Do you know them from work? Then the average is $50 – $75. Are they relatives or friends? $75 – $100. If you’re particularly close to the couple, the average is $100 – $150. Again, spending within your budget is an important point to remember when choosing a gift.

Forget About Price

It’s a good idea to not get too wrapped up in the cost issue when choosing a gift. Buy what you think would be appreciated by the couple, and stay within your budget.

Don’t Take It Along

Many people are unaware that wedding gifts are not to be taken to a wedding; instead, they should be sent directly to the bride’s place of residence where the couple can open the gift privately.

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