What is Christmas all about?

That’s right! As long as your heart is filled with that special kind of warmth, you can’t go wrong with Christmas.

As we get older, Christmas seems to be less about getting and more about giving! We want less for ourselves and give more to others – maybe help a charity with a moving mission, perhaps make a grand gesture to a special family member, loved one or tick all of the above. And that is great, because at the end of the day, Christmas is about being and doing good, being thankful and spreading some magic. Well, to be more precise, Christmas is a religious holiday, celebrating the birth of Jesus, but that is often overlooked and rarely mentioned nowadays in some groups & societies..

Maybe instead of frantically buying and swapping meaningless material objects you can spend this year’s Christmas day with the ones that matter most, eating good food, decorating the house and swapping stories about the true origins of Christmas?

Take a moment and think:

  • Do you get a Christmas tree without even knowing why? (Some say the evergreen tree was an ancient symbol of life in the midst of winter, how beautiful is that)
  • Why do we give gifts? To remind us of the presents given to Jesus by the Wise Men: Frankincense, Gold and Myrrh? What else?
  • How is the background of Christmas understood and told in different cultures?
  • Why do we assume that snow and Christmas go hand-in-hand? (We even made a visual with snow, no second guessing there..)
  • What does Christmas even mean?

Dig deep and make it special this upcoming season – have fun discussing and learning about everything that is Christmas! Ponder over different stories and beliefs in cosy loungewear and with a hot cup of cocoa in your hand. Talk about bliss!

And in order to forever remember that day and the people you shared it with, you can get your own sparkling star in the universe, that will always shine light on you and your special little group of loved ones! Take a closer look of what we offer here - http://bit.ly/StarGifts.

Make it fun and get the discussion going amongst your friends and family! Celebrate Christmas like it’s truly meant to be celebrated. It’ll be worth it!






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