Christmas craze is coming!

We can’t believe it either! Already and yet again! Store windows and displays are already very festive and cheery. Christmas calendars, socks, toys, candies, trees.. and it is quite true and justified – if you want to avoid the madness, then better think ahead!

What do we offer?

When you order our Star Git, you have the option to choose a a star in a specific constellation. The most popular choice is the Zodiac Star kit. Choose the zodiac sign of the person you are buying the star for to show you put extra thought into making their gift special. Or dedicate it to the Christmas season by choosing the Capricorn sign. And if you are not sure about the zodiac sign or want it to remain a surprise, then the most basic, Standard Kit, is for you.
There is also a Twin Star kit option when you want two people to share the gift together. They may be miles apart here on earth, but they will always be together in the universe by sharing a star.


Due to the approaching holiday season, we strongly recommend to opt for expedited shipping, when ordering our Star Gifts! At this time of the year the postal services are absolutely beyond swamped and overloaded, and our experience shows that some Star Gifts can take longer reaching its destination, may it be to the United States or to Japan – there is no pattern of logic there, really!

Therefore, around Christmas and New Year’s our estimated shipping times aren’t exactly bulletproof, for reasons that are very understandable. We have a partnership with UPS express shipping company, that has never failed us before!

We would hate to see sad faces around the joyful Christmas season, so please take that into consideration. We only care for our customers and the happy faces our unique Star Gifts bring! 

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Wedding Gifts for Family & Friends: How much to Spend?

When you get invited to a wedding, your first thought is happiness for the soon to be husband and wife. When the big day gets closer, you start to wonder what to get them as a gift. How much money should you be spending on a wedding gift? Is there a way to spend too much or too little?

A Matter of Etiquette

With weddings, people tend to be particularly concerned about staying within the established rules of etiquette. However, there are generally no steadfast etiquette rules about spending on a wedding gift. It’s certainly advisable to use your budget as a guide and to consider how well you know the couple when choosing a gift, but there is no magic number to aim for.

There is a belief that the amount spent on a gift for the couple should be equal to the amount they are spending on the guest’s meal; however, this is not a valid rule. If everyone followed this guide, brides and grooms could easily be receiving gifts worth $100 – $300 from every couple attending their wedding!

How Much Others Are Spending

Even though there are no real rules in the cost of a gift, there are some averages that you can reference for a general idea about how much you might want to spend on a wedding gift. Spending depends on your relationship with the couple. Do you know them from work? Then the average is $50 – $75. Are they relatives or friends? $75 – $100. If you’re particularly close to the couple, the average is $100 – $150. Again, spending within your budget is an important point to remember when choosing a gift.

Forget About Price

It’s a good idea to not get too wrapped up in the cost issue when choosing a gift. Buy what you think would be appreciated by the couple, and stay within your budget.

Don’t Take It Along

Many people are unaware that wedding gifts are not to be taken to a wedding; instead, they should be sent directly to the bride’s place of residence where the couple can open the gift privately.

Looking for the perfect wedding gift for your newlywed friends or relatives? Buy a star gift kit today.

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Budget Friendly Birthday Gift Ideas for Everyone

A great birthday present doesn’t have to be an expensive one. The old adage that it’s the thought that counts is true; someone that is a real friend, or understanding relative, will know that you’re buying them a gift on a budget and will appreciate the effort. With the right amount of effort and thought, you can get the perfect birthday gift within your means.

• Children

The great thing about purchasing a gift for a child is that they tend to be happy with a wide variety of toys and other gifts. Movies are generally inexpensive, so purchasing a DVD for a child is a budget-friendly way to make a child happy. You can find toys that will fit any budget, and toy stores and other retailers often have clearances and sales on their inventory, making toys an even more reasonable purchase for a child’s birthday.

• Significant Other

The first thing you should know when purchasing a gift for your wife or girlfriend is that she will love if you have a small gift, such as flowers or chocolates, sent to her place of work. These don’t have to be expensive, just a small gesture of your love for her. Make sure that a personal note is included. Other ideas include books by her favorite author, stuffed animals, or gift baskets. If you know that she has a special hobby or interest, you may be able to find an inexpensive magazine geared towards her interest that you can subscribe to in her name.

• Personalized

Getting a gift personalized can turn an inexpensive gift into a personal gesture. You can get anything from hand towels to a picture frame and have a name or initials embroidered or engraved, and it is possible to get this done at a low cost.

Birthday gifts don’t have to be a drain on your wallet. There’s something to buy anyone in every price range, so don’t be afraid that someone won’t like your gift just because it wasn’t expensive. As long as you’re thinking about what the recipient might like, your gift will be appreciated.

Show someone you really care by giving them a gift that lasts a lifetime. Register a Star in someone’s name and give them an out-of-this-world gift today!

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Gift idea for Mother’s Day!

“A mother is the truest friend we have, when trials heavy and sudden fall upon us; when adversity takes the place of prosperity; when friends desert us; when trouble thickens around us, still will she cling to us, and endeavor by her kind precepts and counsels to dissipate the clouds of darkness, and cause peace to return to our hearts.”

Washington Irving

Celebrate Mother’s Day in a special way this year by getting a star to the most powerful woman in your life. A mother is one of the fundamentals of life and of course should be celebrated daily, but you can make this year’s Mother’s Day extra memorable!

Let us know if you have any special requests or ideas and our team will gladly help you out!

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A perfect gift for any occasion!

On this blog we have often come across the fact how stars are truly timeless wonders. They are always with us and constantly looking down on us, so peaceful and comforting. These are one of the many-many reasons, why stars are a perfect gift idea for anyone anywhere and for any occasion. May it be a birthday or Valentine’s Day. A prize for someone at work. A thoughtful gesture for a funeral, as a memory of someone dear to you lost. The list is quite endless and stars never fail to touch the hearts of our loved ones. Through us you can purchase and name a star for you or for someone close to you. For that we offer 3 differen Star Gift Kits.

1) Our Standard Star Kit is the most basic one. You simply need to name and dedicate one star and assign a special date for it. We will choose a constellation and location for it.

2) Our Zodiac Star Kit will let you choose a constellation, where you’d like the star to be located in yourself. Perhaps your loved one has a birthday and would like a star under that specific Zodiac sign. Or maybe you just have a favourite constellation. Whatever the reason may be, you get to choose the location yourself.

3) Our Twin Star Kit is for two special people to share. Two souls and one star to celebrate it. May it be for two lovers, siblings or something third, it will be a thoughtful and a unique way to mark a bond between two people!

The Star Gift comes in a presentable package, so you won’t have to go through extra hassle thinking of ways how to present it. The Kit includes a certificate, with all the necessary information on it regarding your star, a star map, which will help you locate your star, and a beautiful book of stars, which will share some amazing sights seen in the Universe accompanied by professional photographs. You don’t have to be a stargazing expert in order to have your own star. Everything has become surprisingly easy in the modern world and even Google Sky will help you locate your star in a very simple way.
With all the extra questions or special requests you might have, we are always happy to help you. Just write us on! 

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A shooting star phenomenon

The sight of shooting stars can be quite magical to observe and making a wish while seeing one is considered as good luck. But did you know that the objects causing this sight are not actually stars? They are bits of meteors that have been pulled into Earth’s atmosphere. And they are rather tiny. As one rock enters our atmosphere it starts to burn up as it falls. That’s when we see the glistening trail of the falling object and the beauty of the so-called shooting star! An individual sight of a falling star can occur any night, pretty much whenever and wherever, because space is absolutely filled with dust. If you observe the nightsky closely there is a chance you will see one, as long as the sky is clear and you are currently not in a megacity that kills the nightsky with constant lights.

A meteor shower happens when Earth passes a bundle of lots and lots of sand-sized little meteors and they enter Earth’s atmosphere. Some of these meteor showers even occur on a regular basis, most frequently in Leo and Perseus constellations.

Knowing that doesn’t make the sight less romantic, right? So now that you are aware of it you don’t have to be worried – what if your very own star will some day (or night) magically disappear into nothing. It won’t go anywhere. At least any time soon. So feel free to get your very own star or one for someone you love.

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What to get for Valentine’s Day?

Those luminous stars that surround us make the most thoughtful gifts. A star is truly one of a kind and giving someone their very own is a once in a lifetime gesture that would make any (Valentine’s) day perfect. You get to name it, dedicate it, choose a special constellation and have it delivered straight to your loved one!

We are always ready for your questions and happy to help out with any special requests –

It is not too late to make this years Valentine’s Day a day to remember and cherish forever!

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Valentine’s Day alert!

Let us be grateful to people who make us happy, they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom.” – Marcel Proust

Valentine’s Day is a fun and loving day for many people and for the rest there is really nothing to fear! It is a controversial day – great if you’re in a relationship, slightly uncomfortable when being single. But the truth is, it is a day for celebrating all types and forms of love . There is love between friends,  love between family and then love shared by two lovers; one union more powerful than the other. Of course every day should be a celebration of love, we just have that one day a year, where a lot of us really want to show and prove their love with guns blazing. The day has been largely commercialized, that is true, and we feel the pressure to follow the steps necessary to fulfill the purpose of  Valentine’s Day.

This year we can help you out a little. Skip the roses and the heart-shaped box of chocolates, we have something very simple yet majestic to offer. A gift that will say more than any card or present will. That is a gift of a star, his or hers to have around forever! You can find more about what we offer here – You can get a head start on Valentine’s Day here and when the day actually arrives, truly sit back and enjoy it to the fullest.

You don’t necessarily have to be in a relationship in order to celebrate this day. As we said, this is a day for absolutely everyone, as love is literally everywhere around us. If you are single, don’t feel bad and celebrate it with your friends and family, because they are the true foundation of happiness!

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Is there a Star gift in Santa’s bag for you?

“The earth has grown old with its burden of care, but at Christmas it always is young, the heart of the jewel burns lustrous and fair, and its soul full of music breaks the air, when the song of angels is sung.”

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That time of the year is approaching yet again and the countdown has officially begun. Time to start writing lists about what to get for loved ones this year. If you’re in that sticky situation, you probably know already, that Santa is not going to run to rescue with his special list of people who have been naughty and who have been nice. For some, Christmas is the season of spreading love and joy, for others it is a holiday that can not be mentioned. Some of us simply love shopping for presents and coming up with amazing ideas. Others, well.. would love to curl up in a fetal position and wait for the madness to end and the season to pass. The truth is we all love Christmas, for sure, just getting the right present can be slightly frustrating and cast a shadow on the whole season. Every year you promise yourself, how next year you will start thinking and prepping months ahead. E v e r y  y e a r! And of course, nothing changes. And here we are again.

How to beat your gift from last year? Or how to make up for a bad one? We have a one of a kind solution for you at Online Star Registry. We offer something that will last a lifetime, something that is very personal and unique for one particular person. Or for two people to share who have a special bond. By getting your loved one his or her very own star, it will surely overshadow any other gift imaginable. And the good news is you won’t even have to step into a crammed shopping center. We will deliver a star gift kit straight to your door, how great is that!

So, be smart this year and let us do the work for you, while you simply enjoy the season for once! It is the season of getting cosy. Enjoy the lights and candles, hot chocolate with marshmallows, snow, the smell of a Christmas tree and all the beauty around you. You deserve it!

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How to avoid the Christmas rush!

The Christmas season is upon us yet again. There is still plenty of time.. wait. Is there? You might think that is the case, but let us not fool ourselves – time is a sneaky little thing and can sometimes move faster than lightning. Before you know it, there will only be a few days left until the big day and you are grinding your teeth and pulling your hair out, while rummaging through empty malls. Time has pulled its trick yet again. How about this year, avoid the madness for real! How can it be done, you may ask.

Easy – You have got to stay one step ahead of the game. If you want to throw your feet against the wall and be done with the present-craze before everyone else even begin, we have a solution for you. You can get the most perfect gift that is truly unique and is fitting for any occasion – a star.

What do we offer?

When you order the star kit, you have the option to choose a a star in a specific constellation. The most popular choice is the Zodiac Star kit. Choose the zodiac sign of the person you are buying the star for to show you put extra thought into making their gift special. Or dedicate it to the Christmas season by choosing the Capricorn sign. And if you are not sure about the zodiac sign or want it to remain a surprise, then the most basic, Standard Kit, is for you.
There is also a Twin Star kit option when you want two people to share the gift together. They may be miles apart here on earth, but they will always be together in the universe by sharing a star.

Hopefully we have managed to tick the box beside at least one loved one on your Christmas list. The beauty of the star gift kit is that it is fitting for absolutely anyone, from a newborn to your grandparents. Stay smart this year and get your presents early!

You can see the star kits we offer more closely here – Don’t hesitate contacting us if you have any questions or special requests – Our team is always happy to help.

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